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Lenk in the summer

The village of Lenk is located in the outermost valley of the Simmental, at the foot of the Wildstrubel at 1,068 m above sea level. In summer, Lenk offers charming pass hikes, exciting mountain tours, blooming alpine meadows, rushing waterfalls and crystal-clear mountain lakes. A hiking paradise for families and nature lovers! 

To walk

The air becomes fresher and clearer and the goal will soon be achieved. The reward for the effort of the climb is the breathtaking view of the Wildstrubel.  The mountain range guards the valley, forms the barrier and marks the border with Valais. The backpack is packed and the hiking boots are strapped on. 

2014-09 NdTvK 549.JPG
Image by ruedi häberli


The sound gets louder and louder, suggesting that the Iffigfall is bigger than expected. The excitement about what the impressive waterfall will look like is increasing and your steps will probably become faster. The whiteness of the spray is already penetrating the trees. In the last bend, the finest water droplets surround you. A pleasant coolness in the summer. The water falls more than a hundred meters over several waterfalls. . The plants around the waterfall are lush green. The water droplets on the meadow at the foot of the waterfall glitter. Come admire the Iffigenfall and the Simmenfall!

For children

In summer Lenk is a paradise for children. There are several adventure trails such as the Murmelitrail and the Luchstrail. There is also a large indoor and outdoor swimming pool with a playground and a climbing hall. Prepare your picnic basket with sausages and burgers that you can prepare on the public Bratstellen. A large climbing park in Zweisimmen is a 10-minute drive away.

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